I created Financial Fluency after many years of struggling with personal finances as a language teacher. The concept of “fluency” in the language of finance intrigued me as money is truly the one “language” that everyone around the world wants to understand.

Also, I’m the daughter of two financial planners, so you could say that the obsession with personal finance runs in the family. But, I took my own path first as a language teacher, because I wanted to travel the world while teaching English. It was a great adventure for many years. I built my own English teaching business and I learned that it is one thing to make money and another to manage it (both important).

When I came back to be based in the US again, I started presenting at conferences about personal finance such as FinCon and CampFi. I started investing in real estate and grew a sizable portfolio. Finally, it was time to start this site to write about Financial Fluency.

Here at Financial Fluency, I’m coming home to those familiar topics that my financial planner parents discussed over the dinner table. I’m going to share all that and more as I explore what works in personal finance – topics that many people want to know more about like how to make money from home, how to retire (early) and have financial independence, real estate investing, starting your own business or “side hustle,” and how to make, save and invest more money.